Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a parking garage?

We do not have onsite parking. There is free street parking throughout the neighborhood, which you are welcome to take advantage of. Read all street signs to follow local laws. There are also a few parking garages nearby that charge approximately $25 per night.

Can I check-in early, before 3PM?

Early check-ins are based on availability, and must be directed to the front desk on the morning of your check-in. We will not guarantee any early check-in until the morning of your arrival, as it is based on the workload of our wonderful housekeeping staff! There is a $75 fee for early check in (between 12pm & 3pm). We do not allow check-ins prior to 12pm. If you’d like to check-in prior to 12pm, we suggest booking the night prior as well.

Can I take public transportation?

We think its the best way to travel into the city! The ’39th Ave-Dutch Killssubway is closest to us, housing the N & W trains (2 stops, or 5 minutes, into Manhattan). The 7 & E trains are also extremely close at Queensboro Plaza. The F train is walking distance, located at the 21st Street stop.

Do you have a restaurant or a bar?

We do not yet! We do have snacks, chips, candies, seltzers, water bottles, and sodas for purchase at the front desk!

Do you allow pets?

Yes, but dogs only! We charge $100 per dog, with a maximum of 2 dogs per room. While you’re not in the room, please, you must keep the dog in a crate. Each dog must be a maximum of 35lb.

My dog is a Registered Service Animal for my disability, do you waive the pet fees?

Yes! You must bring physical copies of the paperwork stating that your dog is a registered service animal specifically to help you with your disability, and we would be happy to waive the fees!

My dog is an Emotional Support Animal, and I have a doctor’s note, can you waive the pet fee?

We do not waive pet fees for ESA dogs.

How much do you charge for a cot/rollaway bed?

The cots are $50 per night. Please let us know ahead of time so we can add this to your room!

Why is your incidental deposit so high?

We are a family-owned 16-room boutique hotel. When guests break our policy and choose to smoke in the rooms, it puts that room out of commission for one, two, and in some cases even more, nights (it’s not like we have a lot of rooms to transfer someone to if it gets trashed). The incidentals are large enough so we can cover the expense of closing off the room for a few nights and cleaning it to remove all cigarette, marijuana, and all other smoking-related odors.

If the room is left in good condition, without anything broken/missing, and if it doesn’t smell like smoke and/or marijuana, we always void your deposit. Incidentals are $350 per room reserved, and due at check-in.

*We do not accept cash for the incidental deposit! The incidental deposit MUST be authorized on a credit/credit card*

How long does it take to get my incidental deposit back?

If all looks good, we usually void the deposit the day you check-out. After that, it’s up to your bank to return the funds to you. We find most banks will process this within 1-3 business days for credit cards, or 7-10 business days for debit cards.

Is the hotel Vegan-Friendly?

Yes! All “leather” items are made with faux leather. We have made a conscious effort to mitigate the use of any animal products in the design & curation of our hotel rooms.

Can I request a specific room or floor?

Only persons with disabilities protected by the ADA may request specific rooms, so we can best accommodate their needs.

If I leave early, can I get a refund on the remaining nights unstayed?

No. We have reserved the room for you, and if you leave early you are responsible for paying the remaining nights on the reservation.

If I book same-day, can I cancel?

Same-day reservations can be canceled, but fall under our 48-hour policy. This means if you cancel less than 48-hours prior to the reservation, or are a No-Show (reservation that does not physically arrive at the hotel on the confirmed arrival date) you will still have to pay the first night + taxes/fees on the reservation. Non-refundable reservations though are non-refundable for the entire booking amount.

How old do I have to be to check-in?

You must be at least 21-years old, with a physical ID and physical credit-card in order to check-in. Yes, the names on the ID, credit card, and reservation, must all match.

Can I add my friend, partner, sibling, parent, etc to my reservation?

Yes! Please email the front desk at You will need to provide their full name, email, and phone number in order to add them. They’ll have to present their ID at check-in.

Can I ask to speak to the manager?

Absolutely! Our manager is not available 24/7, but if necessary, management can be reached via email at That being said, our front desk staff is fully equipped to handle all questions and issues (the manager won’t give you a different answer than they will provide).